Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

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楽団結成は1966年7月10日。翌年10月、第1回定期演奏会を開催。1973年4月、名古屋市の出捐により財団法人となる。岩城宏之初代音楽総監督(在任期間 1971-73)をはじめ、福村芳一(常任指揮者 1971-74)、森正(音楽総監督 1974-80)、荒谷俊治(常任指揮者 1974-80)、外山雄三(音楽総監督兼常任指揮者 1981-87)、モーシェ・アツモン(常任指揮者 1987-93)、飯守泰次郎(常任指揮者 1993-98)、小林研一郎(音楽総監督 1998-2001、音楽監督 2001-03))、沼尻竜典(常任指揮者 2003-06)、ティエリー・フィッシャー(常任指揮者 2008-11)を歴代指揮者として、演奏の質の向上やレパートリーの拡充に取り組んできた。



The Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra (NPO) is recognized as the leading orchestra in the Tokai region, the central part of Japan. The Orchestra has an excellent reputation on the Japanese classical music scene, for both its innovative programming and its wonderful performances. The NPO is called “Mei-Phil”, with love, by Japanese audiences, and holds a firm position as one of Japan’s top professional orchestras.

In April 2013, the talented British conductor, Martyn BRABBINS, who is known for his enthusiastic repertoire cultivated in UK, became our Chief Conductor. He has many unique ideas for making more close relationship between the orchestra and our audiences. One of his ideas is “Prelude / Postlude”, we held some special entertainments before and after subscription concerts. For example, there are the talk shows by the composer and the chamber concerts by the soloists. The other of his ideas is “Side-by-Side”, the orchestra played together some orchestral masterpieces with the students who study the music. In aiming for a very high performance level, the Orchestra has formed a very close relationship with BRABBINS.

The Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra has established relationships with many conductors. Our present conductors are Ken’ichiro KOBAYASHI (Conductor Laureate since 2003), Moshe ATZMON (Honorary Conductor since 1993), Thierry FISCHER (Honorary Guest Conductor since 2011), Masahiko ENKOJI (Resident Conductor since 2011), and Kentaro KAWASE (Conductor since 2011). In April 2014, internationally known composer Dai Fujikura is appointed as “Composer in Residence” of the NPO. We are welcoming Mr. Fujikura as our Composer in Residence, to commission a new song cycle, orchestral work and concerto. We also plan to perform existing works of Mr. Fujikura during these seasons.

Musicians from the City of Nagoya and the surrounding area founded the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra in July, 1966. The first subscription concert delighted the audience in October of 1967. Subsequently, the Orchestra received an endowment from the City of Nagoya in 1973.

In 2002, Rainer HONECK, who is Concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, was appointed as Principal Guest Concertmaster. Since 2000, the Orchestra has been performing with the Toyota Master Players, Wien (TOMAS) which is a specially-formed orchestra that includes members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera. The 12th joint concert with TOMAS was held in April 2014. The Orchestra and TOMAS have built a firm friendship.