How to use "Concert Port"

How to use Concert Port

This service is available for artists who are regularly involved in
classical concert performances.

▼Account Settings

Enter your information into Concert Port's forms, and we will prepare your artist page.
* Artist pages cannot be opened without first uploading audio data with our service.

▼How to upload recordings to our store

  1. Enter the titles of the songs and other basic information on the account
    management page, and upload the data (in either FLAC or WAV format) to Concert Port.
    • In the case of recording quality being especially bad, or if we suspect your upload
      is a bootleg recording, it may not be accepted.
  2. Pay the registration fee for your recording on the account management page.
    • Remastering recordings or adding them to the store may take around 1 week.
      We will send a notification e-mail when the process is complete.
    • Fees must be paid when recordings are uploaded.
      There are two ways to pay: by credit card, or with sales credits earned from our site.
    • Please make your payment within 10 days of receiving the e-mail notifying you that
      editing or remastering of your track is complete. If we do no receive payment within
      10 days, you will not be able to upload any new material until the outstanding
      fees are paid. These outstanding fees are only payable by credit card.

    ~About “Paying with Sales Credits”~

    This payment option is only available for up to 5 songs at a time.
    If there are 5 songs in the process of having their registration fees paid by this method,
    you will be unable to upload new material with this payment option until at least
    one of them has completed the process of paying off its registration fees.
    Credit card payment of registration fees will be the only option.

    Also, at this time, if you leave our site with pending payments on your songs,
    you will be required to complete payment of the remaining registration fees at that time.

  3. Set your selling price on the account management page, and make it available for sale.
    Selling prices depend on the length of recordings. The fee for using our system is
    20% of your sales.
  4. Withdrawals from your sales profits can be made on the account management page.
    A wire transfer will be sent to your PayPal account.
    * If you request remastering or other editing, additional fees may apply.


▼About the CP-Share Function

For recordings in which there are multiple performers, a Concert Port account holder and
performer can share the sales rights with other copyright holders (who also register
the file on their artist pages.)*1
When the corresponding performance is purchased from an artist page, profits can be
divided, giving a certain percentage to each of the performers in the recording.*2

*1 The process of applying for this is carried out on the account management page.
The performance in question must be already registered on your public artist page.
*2 The shared percentages can be set by the user to anywhere from 10 to 100% for
each of the performers.

▼About the Donation Function

You can raise money for your performance efforts through donations.
Please be careful of the following points.

  1. Clearly specify any special privileges that people can get for making donations,
    and be sure to deliver them as promised.
  2. Be very careful in your management of the personal information of contributors.



  • If a recording is determined by Concert Port to be a case of copyright infringement,
    it will be removed from sales listings.
  • The artist account of the uploader may also be shut down in the above case.
  • Control of all the rights related to any given recording will be given to the copyright holder.
  • If problems related to rights to copyrighted works arise, the user who has registered
    the songs on their page should take action of their own accord.
  • Concert Port cannot take questions regarding individual recordings.