About Concert Port

5 Special Features of Concert Port

1. Files can be sold in both mp3 and FLAC file formats.

Online music distribution services where users can download files in mp3 format are the norm in today's market.
However, when compared to CD format, MP3's are compressed to nearly 1/10 the of the original file size.
At Concert Port we try strive to give our users the highest audio quality possible, and for this reason our site features FLAC files for purchase in addition to MP3s.

2. Our services are available at low cost.

Artist accounts can be registered free of charge.
Audio remastering and editing also have no up-front charges.
The cost of using our system is 20% of your sales only, and there are no additional membership fees.

3. Recording remastering and editing by request, for the highest-end audio production results.

Setting up for good acoustics in session recordings is difficult, and sometimes the initial recording doesn't have the richness that you were looking for in the performance.
While keeping the character of the original recording, we will edit and remaster it into the highest possible quality finished product.

4. Our wire transfer pay system and account management screen ensure your peace of mind.

Music data sales are paid by wire transfer through PayPal.
Payment through PayPal is available on e-bay and other sites, and it is a trusted payment service.
Through the artist account management page, you can view your information, and manage and track sales.

5. We offer support tools for artists and their activities.

You can post your recording and concert news directly on the Concert Port website.
A share function for artists and sales information related to recordings is also available.